At the audition, the deliberate choice involved an unplanned box of Kleenex, more on this in a bit.

What is a deliberate choice?

What was The X-Files deliberate choice?

Up to this point in my acting career, I’m onto my 3rd agent. Dropped by the other 2, because agents make money if you’re booking $$ work.

3rd agent: “Joel, I’ve got a principal audition for you on the X-Files…” I don’t think they say these exact words, but I’m pretty sure I hear “Don’t blow it!!”

In 1995, X-Files is BIG. I never watch it, it ain’t The Simpsons, but I know the ‘The truth is out there’

I’m auditioning for a French Engineer role searching for a lost submerged WW2 aircraft. I’m nervous, feeling the pressure to land this or else…

And this is where I make the deliberate choice.

  1. I manage my emotions. I decide I want to do this, and I can do this by making it EASY for the casting team to go with me. All they want is an invested engineer in the mission.
  2. I need to own the room, I reach for a Kleenex box sitting on the side and THIS is going to be my monitor (searching for the aircraft). I do a whole scene to the box, giving me laser focus, this inanimate object helps my intentions and choices. I hadn’t planned this, I was probably going to look aimlessly at the casting team, the vast room, probably stare at the camera…

What deliberate choices do you need to lead

I meet 2 different managers this week and 1 makes a deliberate choice.

  1. Manager 1: “It’s difficult when my bosses ‘crap’ on me, and then I have to go talk to my team. I deliberately take space before I talk to them, I don’t want to bring that energy or those problems to to them. My part is to lead them, help them thrive not make it about me”
  2. Manager 2: ” It’s difficult when my bosses ‘crap’ on me, and then I have a coffee talk with my team but when I see nobody arriving on time for the coffee talk, I lose it and ‘crap’ on them”

Manager 1 uses self-management, putting their needs on hold to get what they want- a thriving team. Manager 2 makes no choices and reacts instead of responding. They don’t get what they want- a thriving team.

A deliberate choice as a leader, ask yourself:

Deliberate choices are subtle moments that have huge impacts. A thriving and safe team collaborating with an actor getting the part.

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