The Official Joel:

Hello! I’m Joel, founder of This Feels Right, effective communication skills trainer and coach, as well as the host of the TFR podcast. With a certification in EQ-I 2.0, Professional Life Coaching, and a BFA in Theatre, I have worked with top companies around the globe speaking, facilitating, coaching, and designing pieces of training in topics like:


I’ve always asked myself “When does it feel right?” and I think back to school… I remember my 10th grade teacher Mrs. Rodrigues, she made learning feel right- because I felt understood, challenged- she was always present. She got me.

“When didn’t it feel right?”  it was the other teachers who seemed stressed, distracted, following a prescribed formula. I felt disengaged, invisible.

Sound familiar?

I see the same in business.

Leaders and their teams end up focused on their script, their numbers, the features, the processes. They get stuck so deep in these that they forget that there is a human being in front of them that’s giving them


They are facing someone who needs to feel understood, respected, and challenged. I want to bring awareness to organisations on how they can master this crucial moment. The payoff is an engaged employee or client, a person who is open to hearing what you have to say.

I want to make it feel right for both sides.


I believe: