The Official Joel:

Hello! I am the founder of This Feels Right, host of the TFR Podcast, a communication skills trainer, and a professional life coach. Also, I have a certification in EQ-I 2.0 and a BFA in Theatre.

During the two decades I’ve been in business, I have had the chance to work with top companies around the globe speaking, facilitating, coaching, and designing training for their leaders and teams.

My experience and the expertise I have developed through these has made me master topics and disciplines that are crucial for companies and their people, like:


Every time I feel disengaged or disrespected, I ask myself “Why doesn’t it feel right?” I remember those events and moments from life, school, my acting career, or 20 years in business that did feel right. I identify what’s bothering me and it all falls into place.

Just like in life, this is true in business, too.

Leaders and their teams are so focused on their goals and their script that they forget that there is a human being in front of them that’s giving CUES and CLUES.

They are facing someone who needs to feel understood, respected, and challenged.

I bring awareness to organisations on how they can master this crucial moment. The payoff is an engaged employee or client, a person who is open to hearing what you have to say.

I want to make it feel right for both sides.

I believe:

People are continually giving out clues and cues. It’s up to us to respond.

Acting techniques help us be more present and confident.

Resourcefulness beats out resources every time.